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Liverpool stage an extraordinary comeback to beat Barcelona and reach the finals

Liverpool have had incredible European nights at Anfield but this one was out of this works and has to be perhaps, their best ever night of champions league football, given who they were playing and the overwhelming feeling that despite their brilliant season, they could go without a trophy to show for it, plus the fact that Manchester City seem to be closing in on the Premier League title and so this could be their only reasonable chance of getting silver wear this season, maybe that was an extra motivation.

Trailing Barcelona by 3 goals to nothing, they had the unthinkable task, beat Barca 4-0 and progress to the final, and they superbly dispatched the Spanish champions with a plump. That is some honour for Klopp and his players.

They have won this competition five times and are in the final for a second successive year, with a chance to make it six. To do this without Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino in the front three made the task even more daunting.

Of course a team with Messi, a five time Balon d’Or winner, who rarely misses the big occasions, did not deter a determined Liverpool side who wanted to make history, and Klopp didn’t worry about Messi, this means he had the freedom to move into those pockets of space, however, Liverpool just made sure they had enough men around him when he receives the ball, Klopp rather made Barca to worry about them.

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