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The Allegri Ronaldo and Dybala puzzle at Juventus

Juventus have dominated the Italian serie A for almost a decade now, even though they have been close, they have not been able to win the champions league in the period of their serie A dominance. It therefore came as no surprise when they broke the bank for Ronaldo. However, they failed once again, losing to a superior Ajax side.

So the question is; what’s next for Juventus? Does Allegri stay or go? Does Dybala stay or go? Do they bring in younger replacements for the two experienced center backs in Chiellini and Bonucci who are the at the wrong side of age? These and many more questions doesn’t seem to have obvious and immediate answers. It’s obvious the Juventus squad is quite old. Miralem Pjanic who is considered a world class midfielder, was completely outclassed by the Ajax young midfield.

Juventus intention of signing Ronaldo was very clear, win the champions league within the shortest possible time, because shelling out that amount of money on a 33 year old couldn’t have meant anything else from a footballing perspective. The assumption was that Ronaldo would be the missing piece of the puzzle, unfortunately it turned out he wasn’t.

There is no doubt Ronaldo is an elite goal scorer, but the reality is that goalscorers need world class service to thrive, but Juventus are not Real Madrid. Matuidi is not Kroos, Emre Can is not Modric, Alex Sandro is not Marcelo and the list goes on and on. If Juventus decide to sack Allegri and replace a number of the first team players, they may end up wasting Ronaldo’s last few years because then they will be busy trying to develop a new identity and adjust to new systems. Is it worth the gamble? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Juventus look set to have a really big transfer summer coming up, Dybala looks set to leave because his style doesn’t suit Ronaldo, he loves to hold the ball and play inside while Ronaldo constantly want some crosses into the box, if Juventus will allow Dybala to leave this summer, then they need to sign a selfless forward who wouldn’t mind feeding Ronaldo with the balls inside the area all the time, Benzema a time Real Madrid was that kind of forward and that’s why Ronaldo flourished at the Bernabeu.

Whatever Juventus decide to do this summer, it’s important they don’t go crazy about it. It’s worth noting that Ajax got here on merit and outplayed two other European giants, Madrid and Bayern, and it took them patience to built their team and it seems their module is the new way now, the era of buying individual brilliant players to win matches and trophies for clubs is coming to an end.

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