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Black stars now a hub for fringe players

The black stars of Ghana managed to beat Kenya by a lone goal. A howler from the Harambees goalkeeper gifted Ghana and the black stars that one goal in the 82nd minute. But the general play of the team was pathetic. It was docile, uninspiring and lacked quality all round.

The midfield pairing of Thomas Partey and Mubarak Wakaso seemed lost in the transitional play. The link between defense and attack was so slow, this happens when players are stagnant and don’t move into space for the ball. So wakaso then had to go long with his passes which didn’t really go well for the team.

No surprises, this is a team with a coach who celebrates fringe players in the national team. Only 17% of his starters are considered to be playing regular football at club level. The rest are either bench warmers or the don’t even make the bench at all and some how they get national team call ups.

Coach kwasi Appiah who I think doesn’t even deserve this job in the first place, is not helping himself with the sort of players he calls up for the national team. And the no football in Ghana should not be the reason why the local boys don’t get a look at, it’s a lime excuse.

When you assemble inactive players coached by a tactically challenged manager then it’s a recipe for disaster. Yes the team may have qualified for the cup of nations but with the sort of football we saw against the Kenyans at the Accra Sports Stadium, I’m afraid they won’t go far in that tournament.

Many people have complained over the years that the national team has been bad because the talent pool is no longer there for the team to tap. You maybe right, there thousands of Ghanaian players playing world wide but how many of them are true game changers in the positions they play? Very few, if any at all. Ghana football and black stars still have a long way to go in order to rediscover their past glories.

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