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How Pep is changing English football

Before Guardiola left Barcelona, critics thought with his brand of football it would be difficult for him to succeed in another country, claiming he had it easy at Barcelona. Pep then set out to prove his critics wrong. Right before his arrival in England there were so many people who doubted he would dominate the Premier League like he did with La Liga and the Bundesliga.

On his arrival at Manchester City, Guardiola saw an opportunity to try and change how football was played in the Premier League, this obviously was going to be tough but he saw it as one of the biggest challenges he would face as a manager. In his first season, the players struggled to grab the new concept of football, where they have to fill spaces by moving the ball through possession and also pressing their opponents high up the pitch anytime they lose possession.

He succeeded with this kind of football at Barcelona. Germany however proved to be a real challenge for him as he was faced with hugely different ideas of how the football game should be played. He still managed to leave his mark in Germany even though he couldn’t win the champions league with Bayern Munich. He managed to win his first Premier League title last season with Manchester City in his second year in English football.

His main challenge this season would be to try and defend the premier league title and most importantly dominate the champions league and probably try to win it as well for the citizens. As it happened in Spain and also in Germany, the rest of the clubs now try to play football the Guardiola way, now a lot of teams are beginning to play from the back with goalkeepers who are good with the ball on their feet. One interesting characteristic of Guardiola in English football is that he has managed to blend attacking football with solid defensive set up without necessarily giving up on his philosophy as a lot of his critics thought he would. It’s obvious that Pep Guardiola has changed English football where all teams now want to play offensive and attractive football, the sort of football that fans would love to watch.

By: Nasir Ibrahim Alagma @alagmaibrahim

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