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Could government have stopped ZylofonCash from sponsoring the Ghana Premier League?


The Ghana Premier League was starved of sponsorship for over two good seasons till Nana Appiah Mensah’s Zylofoncash came along and pumped $10m in the league. This indeed was great news for every football loving person in the country.

However, the joy and excitement that greeted this great news did not last long, because the company’s CEO is wanted by state security agencies for alleged fraud by false pretense. Now the opposition NDC held a press conference on the issue and among other things said government should have objected to NAM1 sponsoring the Ghana Premier League.

In as much as you can not fault them entirely for their assertions, there are a few points that should be pointed out. We all know that the Ghana Premier League belongs to the Ghana football association and not Ghana government, therefore the GFA is solely responsible for sponsorship deals for the league. Now since the government of Ghana does not own the Premier League, it therefore doesn’t sponsor nor does it have any authority to stop any legal entity or company from sponsoring the league, note that as at the time zylofoncash offered to sponsor the Premier League, it had not been declared by any competent court of jurisprudence to be an illegal entity, and so the government had no reason whatsoever to stop them.

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