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Where is Ghana’s Juvenile football?

Ghana Juvenile Football
Michael Essien

Michael Essien

Most of the big men in the football world in Ghana have shifted their attention from nurturing talent but rather thinking only about the player exodus from the system.

The main notion behind players exodus has to do with financial challenges that most businessmen are facing in Ghana. Great footballers of our time have come through the rank of juvenile football such as Michael Essien, Anthony Annan, Stephen Appiah Sulley Ali Muntari and our current senior national team skipper Asamoah Gyan.

Football has taken Ghana to the world and it is very important for us as a nation to help develop football. Not only to think of the passion that we have for the game, but the business aspect is also lucrative. there is a wise saying that state that “the devil find a job for the idle mind”. There are many great talents out there that need people to coach them on how to develop their talent and become useful to the society than to be a liability.

Stephen Appiah & Asamoah Gyan

South America as a continent has benefited¬†from football so much. Brazil as a nation has developed very fast not only depending on their natural resource but also depending on their human resource- footballers. The likes of Kaka, Ronald and Cafu has given back to society because of what they gained from the game. Asamoah Gyan can’t be forgotten for what he has given back to the society and all is because of what football has given to him and thanks to the juvenile system he passed through.

Football alone can recruit thousands of youth in the country and reduce the unemployment situation facing the nation as well as illegal migration to the western world.


By: Theophilus Ansah /

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