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Editorial: Player Discipline and its impact on the coaching job.

Player discipline

The most treasurable gift a man can get is talent from God. Being talented in something makes you unique on this playable especially when no one can do what you do.

Some people over exaggerate on their talents whiles others don’t do that. Sometimes the gift invested in them makes them feel superior to those around him. It becomes difficult to manage people with such a gift when they are not discipline.

So as a football coach would you feature a talented skilful player in a match when he has disobeyed you prior to a match or beach such a player? The answer to such a question is YES and NO.

Yes, I will feature the player, because fans and business guru in football only think about the result and nothing else. Fans become happy when their team continues to win as well as the football business people. Some fans and business guru makes big money out of a single match and always lose big money when their team loses.

So how can coach bench players like Diego Costa, Eric Cantona and Antonio Cassano that can win a match for you at all? Such players can also help you the coach maintain your job. No, I won’t feature such a player because his behaviour might influence the other player to exhibit the same or similar act particularly the young ones.

Nikola Kalinic was sent home by his national team coach Zlatko Dalic due to indiscipline in the recently ended world cup in Russia. Would the coach be praised if Croatia had not gotten to the final?
There is no player bigger than a team. All player must be discipline both on and off the pitch.

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