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Opinion | The influence of parents on a rising star

Ghana is one of the nations blessed with a lot of talented footballers both in the past and the present generations. Yet most parents find it difficult to understand that football is also a career and there is a need for them to help their wards that are gifted with such talent.

The attention that they give to their wards that are good in academics should be equally given to those that play football. Most parents are autocratic when it comes to career decision and most forget about the capability of the child.

Most parents believe it is a field for bad guys due to the way they dress, crop their hair, and sometimes speak. Yes it is true that some of their dressing is bad, the way they crop their hair is not part of our culture and the way they speak is not good but that should not also create any panic in the parent thinking that their ward would also be bad. This should not make parent discourage of children that want to play football.

Young Footballer in the Making

There are many young Ghanaian players that started their career in Ghana and are not bad guys such as Abdul Baba Rahman, Kwadwo Asamoah and Richard Appiah.

Some parents are also scared of the spiritual side of football because they think most footballers use other spiritual means to get to the top. They think some players use spiritual means to eliminate their colleague teammates, especially those fighting for the same position. Some also cause them to get sick.

Parents have many reasons to stop their children from entering the world of football but the good news is that they can help guide their children that want to play. Parents that want their children to become doctors, engineer and journalist pay school fees, buy books and give them pocket money.

Same responsibilities are what we are calling such parent to do for their child that wants to play.

Most talented young footballers don’t respect because their parents have abandoned them and the street has welcomed them and accepted them to be who they are.

They feed, clothes sometimes shelter themselves. Young talented footballers don’t stay in the house often not because they want to but the nature of the career they have chosen demand for that. They travel a lot moving from one community to the other. Their coaches demand their presence at camps when they have a match to play.

There are a lot of young talented potential footballers that spoke to in South Africa that is into hairdressing all because their parents didn’t support them when they wanted to play football in Ghana.

Parents should understand that football is now a lucrative business and they need to encourage and invest in their children that want to play. They should also understand that every career they choose there is a risk associated with that so there is a need to support their child.


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